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Crochet Blanket

Hello friends!!! How are you holding up this January? We’ve gone through a spell of things so I’m hoping this Monday starts a very quiet winter. I’m ready for the slow down. It’s definitely gotten very cold here in Southern Indiana yesterday. I’ve been enjoying working on this crochet blanket in the evenings. I started … Continue reading Crochet Blanket

Solar Flare Quilt

Happy New Year friends!!! This time last year I had just broken my shoulder. This year I’m just coming off heart surgery but feeling great! I’m so looking forward to this year being the best!!! With that being said check out this Solar Flare quilt 🤩 I just love the bold color and this pattern … Continue reading Solar Flare Quilt

There is time in the aftermath.

As I sit here. Thinking. Doing a little reading. My mind wonders back to this weekend. Where we said our farewells to a brother I hardly knew in adult life. There are so many emotions. So sad that he died so young. Some mad that he chose to do that on his time and to … Continue reading There is time in the aftermath.

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