There is time in the aftermath.

As I sit here. Thinking. Doing a little reading. My mind wonders back to this weekend. Where we said our farewells to a brother I hardly knew in adult life. There are so many emotions. So sad that he died so young. Some mad that he chose to do that on his time and to not include any good byes to us. I am tired. I am emotionally spent. I am in pain.

I’ve chosen to start writing my feelings down. Getting them out is my souls way of releasing. So, maybe I can move on. My doctor told me yesterday that the trauma of the service and seeing him will come and go like waves. It changes you. But we cannot change how anyone lives their life nor how they choose to end it. We can only find comfort in the fact that the suffering and pain for him is gone. He has moved from this place. We are still here. To still feel the wounds.

I was told that when the bad thoughts come to change them to the good memories. To dwell on the good and the fun times we had. This experience has changed our family dynamics. I can feel it already. We are all pulling away into the safety of our own homes. Our own families.

Everyone wants to forget the hard childhood. Wants to forget the terrible void. Our minds like to dwell on the bad. But we do have a choice. We can change. We can choose how we live our lives so that when our time comes. We can exit in peace.

Winter is coming here. The air is already cooler and the leaves are falling from the trees. I want to use this winter to heal, to get mentally stronger, to get in shape, to take care of myself. To write out my feelings. To accept things as they are. To change what I can and to show so much more love. To speak slow and quiet. But at the same time to speak outside of my head and not hold things in that hurt me or things that make me happy.

Life is fragile. I’m reading a book called “Wintering. The power to rest and retreat in difficult times.” So, this winter I will be wintering. I will be soaking up every minute. Slowly feeling the season. Feeling every moment. Writing it down so that I can remember it when my mind starts to distort my memories.

To be more grateful. More intuitive. Closer to my power. More alive. To taste my food. See the beauty in the seasons.

To create beautiful things. To learn to cook good food. To make my house a refuge of safety and love. To sit in the silence and listen. To be off line and be present in life. To find the good in every day. To connect deeper. Make deep friendships. To be aware of my surroundings and to help others. I want to slow down and absorb every minute. I want to look ok forward to things instead of dread and fear things.

I want to sit on the porch and watch it snow. I want to share more with my kids. But most of all I want to start living outside of my head and show more love.

What are you looking forward to this winter? The quiet months. Let’s all live in this season and not rush to the next. It will come in it’s own time.



Snowflake Quilt 2

Hello Sunday night!

Sunday night football and Sunday night our hot water tank passed over. It’s been giving us fits so it will be nice to have a new one. Unfortunately we will have to move out stacked washer and dryer to fix it. Life. It’s a never ending story of good and bad. I try to always just look at the good and not worry about the rest. It is what it is!

But look at this beautiful Snowflake quilt I got to work on! The fabrics were gorgeous. All those pretty purples I just loved! It has a pretty snowflake flannel backing and lime green binding. I love how it turned out. It was a lot of fun!

We have a very busy week ahead. I’m trying to stick to my calendar of quilts as much as I can. Hopefully tomorrow won’t be a big long ordeal at Lowe’s and I can get home at a descent time. But really it’s Lowe’s. So. Much. Stuff. I love! I’m thinking Christmas lights. A couple new plants! Oh yes! Do you like to go to the home shops? I love it. Every time I get at least one to two plants! Of course I need them. I only have like 20 in our small house lol. 🤷‍♀️

I started a new book this weekend. It is called Illusions by Richard Bach. It really hit me toward the end how we see the world and how we have so much control over that with our minds. I love books like that. I believe our minds are so powerful. I’m going to start sharing my books here. Outside of sewing my books are my next favorite!!!

We are suppose to be getting snow tomorrow and my fingers are crossed that it does snow!! The first snow of the season is always so exciting! I would prefer to be in Florida living but since we are still here than I say bring on the snow! Please!

I’m working on a Gather quilt. It’s Suzy’s newest pattern. I had really hoped to work on the top this weekend but things got away from me. So hopefully this week while I’m on the Longarm I can get it pieced!

Well I hope you have a great Sunday night. Signing off here cold in Indiana.



Snowflake Quilt

Hello Everyone! I was honored to be asked to test this pattern by Nicole at Modern Handcraft. I choose the 4 color version with Catherine picking out the 4 shades of red. It turned out perfect! We really love it and we really love the pattern.

The quilt pattern comes in several versions. A one color version with the snowflake in white (or if you were creative you could make your snowflake in any color you choose). The next option is a scrappy version and finally the one I did, a 4 color version! It’s very easy to put together. My advice is mark your pieces: I use sticky notes and straight pins to keep all of my pattern pieces in order.

Nicole is releasing the pattern on October 1st and doing a sew along starting October the 7th. I’m will also be doing that, but sticking with a more neutral pallet. I can’t decide if I want to do the white snowflake with the neutral scrappy or do the neutral colored snowflake with an all white background. What do you think? You can purchase the kit which includes the pattern and the fabric you need here.

We hope you love this pattern as much as we do and join the sew along.

Have an awesome week!

Lisa & Cat