We hope to answer all of your quilting questions here. If there is something you are still unsure of please send us a message so we can help clarify.

Pricing and Shipping

  • Edge to edge Longarm services are provided at $.02 per square inch. We will verify with you during the quoting process any special circumstances that might affect this rate. Patterns done at a high density are provided at a rate of $.03 per square inch. (Example: 60″ x 60″ quilt = 3,600 square inches = $72.00)
  • There is a minimum quilting charge of $45. Any project that is less than that minimum cost will be rounded up to $45.
  • Return shipping for domestic orders is a flat charge of $15 per order (this will include a tracking number). Expedited shipping is available upon request. Shipping rates on international orders will be discussed during the quoting process.
  • Turnaround for a completed quilt varies for each project. We will give you a time frame during the quoting process.


  • We currently have several edge to edge patterns available for your quilting project. However, more patterns can be found at Karlee Porter Design and Intelligent Quilting, Inc. Please make sure if choosing an edge to edge pattern from one of the sites that you include the name of the pattern and site on your form. If you like more than one design, please list the options and we will choose for you. These patterns will be provided to you at no cost. If there are any issues with the pattern we will let you know.

Additional Services

  • Batting can be provided upon request at a cost of $.33 per inch. We stock a 80/20 cotton poly blend that is on a 90″ roll. We charge for only what is needed on your quilt, smallest side plus a 4″ margin. (Example: a 60″ x 80″ quilt would use a 60″ section of batting plus a 4″ margin, totaling 64″= $21.12 cost)
  • Machine binding your quilt is available upon request. I will prepare and sew binding on the back and machine stitch it to the front for .15 cents an inch. Example: Size 60″ x 72″, 60+60+72+72=264… 264 X .15=$39.60

Preparing Your Quilt to Ship

  • Make sure all parts are included before shipping your box. This will include your completed order form, quilt top, backing, batting (unless previously discussed) and binding (unless previously discussed).
  • All seams should be ironed. We will handle any additional wrinkling that occurs during shipping.
  • It is recommended to wrap your quilt in a bag to protect from any potential moisture exposure during the shipping process and then place in a hard sided cardboard box. Make sure the box is properly taped and labeled clearly.
  • Any tracking number should be emailed to us so we can also track the progress of the quilts arrival to our studio.


  • We will not post any photos taken of your completed quilt unless prior consent has been given. We encourage you to tag us in any photos posted on social media and include the hashtag #lavenderfieldscompany. Referrals sent our way from posted pictures could get you a discount on your next service!