Sweet Client Quilt

Hello Friends!

I hope you have a great day! It’s early here in Indiana. We’re suppose to be getting snow this afternoon! We shall see.

I got the opportunity last week to work on a few client quilts. My broken arm helped right along and I was so thankful for that! The first quilt was a darling baby quilt. The colors were gorgeous and we used the edge to edge Dainty on it. I just love how it turned out!

The second client quilt was a Christmas quilt that my client and his sister worked on. Those colors!!! We used the edge to edge called Cake Walk and used red thread. Don’t you just love the contrast? A very beautiful quilt!

If you follow me on Instagram we’re going to be going live with an update from the doctor yesterday later on today!

Much love friends! Give it and receive it!


Suzy Quilts Sew Along

Hey Friends! How are you doing?

I’m doing ok! Still broken arm but getting a lot more use out of it. Hoping that’s not a bad thing. I go back to the doctor on Tuesday and hopefully will see a lot of healing! 🙏

I wanted to tell you about Suzy Quilts sew along with her new pattern Gather!

I was so thankful that I went a head and did mine early. There is no way I can cut out a quilt right now, but I can LongArm still!

So here’s mine all ready for the LongArm. I used all Kona Cotton solids with some Rifle Paper Co prints on the front and for the back! Can’t wait to get it done!! You should follow the link up above on the first picture and sign up! She’s offering great prizes and we are sponsoring one week with a free LongArm quilting! Yah!

So honestly things are still moving slow here with my arm but I did get a few Longarms done, including binding this week. Albeit with lots more breaks in between!

Any how I can’t wait to see all the pretty gather quilts, if your going to do the sew along let me know!!!

Have a great weekend! XO’s


Snowman Client Quilt

Hello Friends!

We’re back up and running. Arm is still broken but I am getting less pain with it and a tiny bit mobility. Catherine is loading quilts for me and I finish them up. We worked on this colorful snowman quilt yesterday. The client picked the famous Midnight Sparkle for the edge to edge. So dang cute!

It felt really great being back working but I did have some anxiety. I mean what would life be like with no anxiety!

I don’t like to talk politics, religion, or anything like that. But I do have to say this change of power has me worried. I’m so thankful to be living in a small rural town!

Take it easy my dear friends! What are you working on this week? Whatever you do do it in love!



Life Happens…

I’m writing to you my friends and those in my life. To be able to look back and see how far I’ve come.

On Sunday night around midnight I got up to go to the bathroom, I fell down before I got there and hit my arm on the door frame. I broke my humerus bone and impacted it. If the bones don’t come out of it in a week I’ll need surgery to fix it. I absolutely do not want another surgery like that as I’ve been through a lot of those in the past already.

I am one who never sits down. Today the pain is more tolerable so now I’m restless, tired, mad, and sad. I’m sitting here watching Mark do the dishes and run the vacuum. Last night he helped me get a bath. The first one I had had since the accident.

I have quilts to do so this afternoon my daughter is going to help me and see if we can get them knocked out. In case I do have to have surgery I won’t be worried about them. I’ve always been good at getting them done and back to my clients.

So that’s my life. The best highlight is my son is home from the Air Force. Not the visit we had planned. We’re going to make cookies tonight. I’m looking forward to that!!

Have fun and be careful

! Happy New Years Eve!!


Snowflake Quilt 2

Hello Sunday night!

Sunday night football and Sunday night our hot water tank passed over. It’s been giving us fits so it will be nice to have a new one. Unfortunately we will have to move out stacked washer and dryer to fix it. Life. It’s a never ending story of good and bad. I try to always just look at the good and not worry about the rest. It is what it is!

But look at this beautiful Snowflake quilt I got to work on! The fabrics were gorgeous. All those pretty purples I just loved! It has a pretty snowflake flannel backing and lime green binding. I love how it turned out. It was a lot of fun!

We have a very busy week ahead. I’m trying to stick to my calendar of quilts as much as I can. Hopefully tomorrow won’t be a big long ordeal at Lowe’s and I can get home at a descent time. But really it’s Lowe’s. So. Much. Stuff. I love! I’m thinking Christmas lights. A couple new plants! Oh yes! Do you like to go to the home shops? I love it. Every time I get at least one to two plants! Of course I need them. I only have like 20 in our small house lol. 🤷‍♀️

I started a new book this weekend. It is called Illusions by Richard Bach. It really hit me toward the end how we see the world and how we have so much control over that with our minds. I love books like that. I believe our minds are so powerful. I’m going to start sharing my books here. Outside of sewing my books are my next favorite!!!

We are suppose to be getting snow tomorrow and my fingers are crossed that it does snow!! The first snow of the season is always so exciting! I would prefer to be in Florida living but since we are still here than I say bring on the snow! Please!

I’m working on a Gather quilt. It’s Suzy’s newest pattern. I had really hoped to work on the top this weekend but things got away from me. So hopefully this week while I’m on the Longarm I can get it pieced!

Well I hope you have a great Sunday night. Signing off here cold in Indiana.



Grow Quilt

Hello friends!

Are you getting ready for the big meal tomorrow? I’ve got a few more things I need to pick up then it’s go time tomorrow. We’re doing a late dinner here as some coming tomorrow have earlier commitments. I like it at dinner time. I won’t have to rush so much!

I got to work on this beautiful Quilt this week. It is the Grow pattern by Suzy Quilts. I loved working on it. It was adorable. We used the edge to edge design called Fort on it. This one is definitely one of my favorites! Karmia won this quilting in the Sew Along for the Shine quilt. We were one of the sponsors for it. Suzy is getting ready to do another one on her new pattern Gather and we will be a part of that one too! Super excited about that!

I took the day off to clean house and get ready for tomorrow but I think I might sneak up there and cut out a quilt. I haven’t done one of my own in a bit so I’m super wanting too! Now just to pick which one!!

Have a great Thanksgiving and a great weekend!



Shine Quilt 2

Hello friends!

It’s a rainy dreary day here again in Southern Indiana. That’s been our winter the last few years. We don’t get much snow anymore. I don’t miss dealing with the snow but I do miss seeing it! The beautiful white blanket across the yard!!

I had the opportunity to work on this beautiful Shine quilt that was sent in. It’s just amazing! The colors of the fabrics and the tones are gorgeous. We used a purple blue variegated thread and stitched it with Marmalade. One of my favorite edge to edge designs!

I finished up the binding on it and it will be headed home on Monday! I have three more coming and cannot wait to see them!

I was so hoping for my mental health today to get out of the house and get into the woods. I’ve been stuck in here for a few days and really needed to get away. Maybe we will take a ride. What are some things that you are doing to take care of yourself? When I can’t get out of the house I like to go to our bedroom. The door is always kept shut from the dogs and walking in there is a very peaceful feeling! I turn on my diffuser and the fan on low and read. It helps a lot!

I’ll definitely be working on another quilt this afternoon. We are working very hard to get them all back before Christmas!!

I hope you all have a great week. A great Thanksgiving! I’m trying out some new recipes so hopefully it will all be good. 🤷‍♀️



Legendary Quilt

Hello! It’s me again! Yes two in one day! I just couldn’t wait to post this quilt. Is it not the coolest? It’s called Legendary and was pieced by my friend Amanda at Quilt Cakes. I just love love the greens in the trees. They are so vibrant. She made this as a Christmas gift for her dad. I’m sure he is going to love it! ❤️

She picked out the pattern Diagonal Plaid for the edge to edge and she wanted it low density. I think it was a perfect choice for this quilt!

As I’m writing this I’m practically sitting on my heating pad as my femur is screaming mad for some reason. I woke up this morning anxious and had numerous errands to run. I was so thankful to get back home. Home is my safety net. With worrying about the state of the world and this dang pandemic it’s almost tipping a lot of people over. If you or someone you know suffers from anxiety I would ask you to check on them. Please. I feel myself doing a shut down which means no phone, no social media, taking a break. It seems to calm me more when I do that. Anxiety is no fun and no joke. It’s scary when your body is racing inside and you feel like your going to implode. That’s the best way I can describe it.

So tonight I’ve shut myself in our bedroom where’s it’s nice and quiet. I have lavender in the diffuser and chai tea to drink. A good book and hopefully some good sleep tonight and I’ll wake up feeling better! Tomorrow is a busy day and that is so good for me too. I’m very grateful for my work!

Tell me how you take care of yourself during all this uneasy in the energy. I hope your doing good. Hang in there for dear life. It has to get better soon!!



Knitted Star 2

Hello Friends!

It’s Monday here and I’m feeling all the Monday blues. Lack of motivation is real so I’m pushing myself. I did get three quilts ready to go to the post office. That was a good accomplishment! I’ve got our menu planned for next few weeks. But other than that I’m just waiting for everything to open.

So I thought I would share this beautiful Knitted Star that Natasha sent me. She picked out the edge to edge design called Swooshi by Karlee Porter Designs. I really loved working on this quilt. The colors and the pattern fabric she used was beautiful!!! The quilting on this one is pretty dense but it turned out perfect. I can’t wait for her to get it back!

I’ve been working in my studio trying to get rid of a lot of stuff I’m not using and never going to use. So much lint and dust comes off the LongArm when it’s working that I prefer to have more of a minimalist look up there. That will make it so much easier to keep clean. I got all my plants bathed and sprayed this weekend. I worked Saturday night on a quilt. It just seems like the weekend flew by! 🤷‍♀️

I hope you have a fantastic day and week! Go Easy on yourself but push yourself all when you need it! I’m pushing right now!



Stella Star 2

Hello friends!

I hope everyone is doing good on this Sunday night. We are currently watching the Space X take off. My brother is so lucky he lives right by the place they lift off from! I can’t even imagine seeing that! I just think it’s amazing that we can put people in space and get them home safely. Pray that all goes well with their trip!

I got to work on this quilt sent to me by a client out in Utah. The quilt pattern is the Stella Star by Jenna Luedecke Designs. We used the edge to edge Autumn Wind. I just think it is beautiful! The fabrics in themselves were gorgeous and I’m going to look into the pattern one she used. I understand it comes in a burnt orange, with orange being my favorite color right now!

And what about this quilting? I think the design just pops off the quilt and just adds to the beauty of the whole thing. She used a beautiful punch of a bright yellow backing. I can’t wait to see what binding she chooses.

She sent me two quilts and I just had so much fun working on them. I will blog about the other one at a later date. Their just too pretty to put them both together! They deserved their own space!

We’re getting excited about the holidays here. I’m trying out some new recipes this week to see if they will work for Thanksgiving dinner. One is sweet potato’s where you add brown sugar but also Sunny Delight. I’m so anxious to try it! It looked Devine! Do you have special things that you always have for your dinner? Also, have you put your tree up yet? I have not. I’m wanting to go with all pink lights so I need to get them ordered yet.

Well I’m off here to watch the launch and to make supper. I hear my belly starting to growl! I hope you have a great week!