Client Quilt 135

Hello Friends! Check out this beautiful Meadowland quilt I got to work on that was pieced by Jane. The fabrics are so pretty. Jane chose the edge to edge Triple Clamshell by Karlee Porter Designs.

Isn’t that backing just adorable too. I really never use the color yellow but this is making me change my mind!

I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. I have been busy and while I’ve been busy I have been taking a class from Jenna Kutcher and listening to her podcast. She gives really good solid advice for small business owners. Check her out! What are some of your favorite podcasts? Let me know so I can check them out!

Till next time


Coral and Co

We had the opportunity to work with Shelly from Coral & Co on her new pattern. She contacted us wanting us to longarm quilt her quilt top and we were super excited. The pattern is called Tinsel Time and it is the sweetest holiday quilt pattern. It is simplistic and very modern. I love that about it. But at the same time you could use some pattern fabric and make it so fun!

Picture by Shelly at Coral and Co.
Picture Lavender Fields Co.

We used the edge to edge design “Let it Snow” by Urban Elementz.

Picture by Shelly at Coral and Co.

If your looking for a really cute holiday quilt to add to your collection then I would be making this one. In fact I am going to make this one this year to add to my collection. Let me know if you make one! And let us know if you would like us to Longarm Quilt it for you! It would be our honor to help you!



Inspiration Quilt & Client Quilt

I found this week that I had lost my inspiration for making a quilt. I cannot remember the last time I made one and I have a couple of test patterns coming up so I needed to jump back into it. So I pulled all my flower scraps out and did 9 inch blocks and pulled this quilt top together. I used the Compass edge to edge on it and I am loving how it turned out. I just need to get the binding done on it and it is headed to its new home. The lady has cancer and I hope the flowers brighten her day!

This is a client quilt I worked on. I have done a few for her. She likes her quits quilted very dense. Just look at all that texture on the back. I love it. I think the quilt itself was just beautiful and the quilting just adds the final touch!

It is raining here in Indiana like monsoon rain. We have had to empty our pool three times already as it was too full. It needs it again. I know the corn needed the rain but now I am ready for it to go on. I need to see some blue skies!! I hope you day is filled with sunshine and good deeds!



Client Quilt 102

Hello Friends!

We hope this finds you all doing well!

We are starting to get really busy with holidays coming up so we have been doing some thinking! Which is good for you guys! We’ve decided to drop our rates to .17 per square inch through the holidays and you will still get free shipping with an order over $100.00. Also the shipping fee is now $15.00. That will get you a tracking number so you can track your quilt and be on the look out for it the day is scheduled to be delivered! That is a sweet option!

Above is a client quilt I did. It was just beautiful! The colors, the fabric, the design. The quilt was one of my favorites. We quilted it with Cracked Ice by Three Sisters Fabrics. We were very excited to work on this quilt and very grateful!

We hope that you all have a great day! If you have any questions please feel free to email us or contact us here on the contact page!



Meadowland Quilt

Hello Friends!

I just wanted to share this beautiful Meadowland Quilt that I had the opportunity to quilt. The fabrics are beautiful Birch Organics and Charley Harper Fabrics. They are so sweet on this perfect quilt. I used Clamshell Triple by Karlee Porter Designs and it added just the right amount of texture! This was a hard quilt to send back. I think I just have always loved the Meadowland pattern by Then Came June and the fabrics used in this one had me all mellow and filled with little bird peace!

I hope you have a great 4th of July weekend and a safe one! We are going to be cooking out at home. Sitting in the pool. And spending time with good friends!



Florida and work.

Red, White, and Blue with Midnight Sparkle

Hello Everybody!

Its been so nice hearing from a lot of you that you are finding us thru the Longarm League and loving our little website. My daughter and I work hard to keep this site current as much as we can!

This past week I went to Florida to visit my son who is in the Air Force. There’s a possibility, which it is kept secret till last minute, that he could be getting deployed to the Middle East and I just had to see him before that could possible happen!

He is stationed in Florida right now and let me tell you it’s very hot down there. I have never been south in the summer time. A whole new meaning to the word hot! We had a good time hitting the beaches early and leaving by 1pm. You just about could not hardly walk and breath at the same time after that. Or maybe it was just me lol. Needless to say I came home sporting a lot more sun on my skin!

It was nice to get home albeit a long trip back. It amazes me that you can get there by plane in about 4 hours. But travel to our airport is two hours then two hour flight, lay over, two hour flight. Turned into a 12 hour day getting home. Crazy! But faster than driving the whole way so I am thankful for that!

I got to work on this Quilt of Valor this week. I used the midnight sparkle on it as it shows so pretty on the backing. It was a very pretty pieced quilt and i am thankful every time I get to do one of those!

Well that is all I really know! Headed up stairs to work on a Meadowland Quilt sent in! I hope you all have a great day!



Client Vintage Lace Quilt

Hello Friends!

I wanted to share this beautiful Vintage Lace quilt that my client sent me to longarm quilt. The colors of fall mixed with the blacks made it so classic. She choose edge to edge design City of Light by Karlee Porter Designs. And to pick it up a notch she choose a gold thread. Stellar! The quilt pattern Vintage Lace can be found at Lo and Behold Stitchery. Brittany has quite a few fantastic modern quilt patterns! Enjoy the pictures!

Backing Fabric. Cream with gold.

Get in touch with us or fill out the contact form if you would love to use this edge to edge on your quilt top! We also have thousands of designs to choose from. We would love to help you get your quilt top finished and made into a beautiful legacy for your family!



Bohemian Style Trippy Quilt Pattern

Hello Friends!

I was able to work up another Trippy Quilt that I am going to call Bohemian Rhapsody! What do you think about that? This quilt top is so colorful and has beautiful rich patterns thru out. It’s the perfect colors of summer! I should have it quilted up this week and in the shop..

If you are interested in making this quilt a part of your family you can send us a direct message here on the contact page! The quilt is 70 X 70 with about 40 different fabrics used to give it color and interest. There are 1,225 two inch squares in this! It will be backed with a beautiful Candy Green Kona Cotton solid.

I hope you have a great day and that quarantine is going good for you. We are hanging in there. Some days better than others! I think if summer would come to Indiana we would be doing a lot better!

Take care!


Amazing Grace Quilt

Hello Friday Peeps!

I don’t know about you guys but this week flew by! I mean like where did it go? I know I spent 10 hours on one quilt top on Tuesday and i think that is where I lost my track of time. Wednesday was resting my mind. So I guess that is where I lost my time! Yikes!

I wanted to talk about this panel i got from Missouri Quilt Co. It is called Amazing Grace. The panel is 54 X 65. So a very nice size. I added a border to it and some very pretty butterflies on the backing. I am sending this quilt to my mom for Mother’s Day. This panel makes a great gift for those you really care about. I’ve already gifted one. I plan on making one for our house soon also! I used Urban Elementz Midnight Sparkle to quilt it. It seems to be my favorite right now!

If you would like a custom quilt with this panel just send us a direct message here on our contact page or an email to It makes a wonderful gift for your family or friends who love God. I hope this quilt brings my mom some comfort during her days!

Much love


Burn Bright Quilt Pattern

Hello Monday!

Unfortunately the this week is the week that is suppose to be the worst for the Corona Virus. I’m praying so hard that after this week we can start getting back to a normal schedule, normal life, and a normal summer. We’ve been very lucky here no one in the family or extended family has gotten sick. I pray it stays that way.

I’ve been using my sewing to keep my mind off of stuff as much as I can. Otherwise it gets too overwhelming. Last week I worked on Modernly Morgan’s new pattern Burn Bright Quilt. It uses big blocks and I really enjoyed working on it. I made the throw size. I think………… it is 61X61. But don’t quote me on that one!

I used pretty colors of teal and blues and a touch of black, all Kona Cotton. The background is a pale blue. I longarmed it with Baptist Fans by Three Sisters Fabric. I love love their edge to edge designs!

Let me know what you think! How are you doing during this crisis? I hope your being safe!