Crochet Blanket

Hello friends!!!

How are you holding up this January? We’ve gone through a spell of things so I’m hoping this Monday starts a very quiet winter. I’m ready for the slow down. It’s definitely gotten very cold here in Southern Indiana yesterday.

I’ve been enjoying working on this crochet blanket in the evenings. I started out crocheting way before I became a quilter. It’s been super nice to have as I heal from my heart surgery. I’m not sure what stitch this is but I call it the shell stitch. I start my chain at 201 stitches. I do a row of single crochet across that. Then I do a single crochet. Skip two and double crochet in next stitch, skip two and another single crochet. Anyways I can try and make a diagram if anyone is interested!!! I’m working on a white one right now that a friend ordered when she seen this one.

We have a California King bed and I made a few years ago a double crochet blanket for it in a light beige. I really love it. Very warm. But I want to make a big one for it in the shell stitch. Im thinking big stripes of beige and white!

Well I am off here for now. I want to get a big quilt loaded for in the morning!!! I hope your feeling peace and lots of love!



Solar Flare Quilt

Happy New Year friends!!! This time last year I had just broken my shoulder. This year I’m just coming off heart surgery but feeling great! I’m so looking forward to this year being the best!!!

With that being said check out this Solar Flare quilt 🤩 I just love the bold color and this pattern design. We quilted it with Rosemary and it just came out perfect!

The quilt pattern is from Alderwood Studios called Solar Flare. I already have my fabric for mine. I just need to start cutting. I’m kind of waiting to see if she is going to do a Quilt A Long!! Those are fun and keeps you on schedule to get it finished.

I’ve been doing a lot of crochet this past month since my heart procedure. I have this blanket half way done!! I’m going to put it back for fall decorating. I love the colors and the pattern. I’m trying a new thing for me and putting Pom poms on the ends!!

That’s it folks! I hope your 2022 year is the best. I hope it brings good health and peace for all of us!



Updates for December!

Hello friends!!! I’ve missed you guys! It’s just so crazy in my life right now. I’ve been working to catch up after my brother’s passing and all my heart tests. So I thought I would update everyone on where we are at.

Heart surgery will be December 2nd. I will be down for at least two weeks so outside of the quilts already here. I will not be working at all in December. This is the first Christmas that neither of my boys will be coming home. That means it’s going to be pretty quiet around here. So rest and healing it will be!

So where does that put us with the two quilt alongs that we are sponsoring? Well if you get it here fast this month we’re pushing everything through as fast as we can, all being around heart tests and heart, let’s just say malfunctions. Which can happen at any time until surgery. We’re doing really good.

All other quilts from the quilt alongs with Suzy quilts and with Pear Tree Designs will be finished in January except the winners of the free Longarm. Those will be done in December!! I so can’t wait to see these quilts!

So hopefully that explains a lot but please! If you have any questions feel totally free to email me! We will be locking down the request form the end of November. All contact can be made through our contact page!

Once again Thank You for being so patient with me as 2021 was a crazy year. I’m looking forward to 2022!

Thank you!


There is time in the aftermath.

As I sit here. Thinking. Doing a little reading. My mind wonders back to this weekend. Where we said our farewells to a brother I hardly knew in adult life. There are so many emotions. So sad that he died so young. Some mad that he chose to do that on his time and to not include any good byes to us. I am tired. I am emotionally spent. I am in pain.

I’ve chosen to start writing my feelings down. Getting them out is my souls way of releasing. So, maybe I can move on. My doctor told me yesterday that the trauma of the service and seeing him will come and go like waves. It changes you. But we cannot change how anyone lives their life nor how they choose to end it. We can only find comfort in the fact that the suffering and pain for him is gone. He has moved from this place. We are still here. To still feel the wounds.

I was told that when the bad thoughts come to change them to the good memories. To dwell on the good and the fun times we had. This experience has changed our family dynamics. I can feel it already. We are all pulling away into the safety of our own homes. Our own families.

Everyone wants to forget the hard childhood. Wants to forget the terrible void. Our minds like to dwell on the bad. But we do have a choice. We can change. We can choose how we live our lives so that when our time comes. We can exit in peace.

Winter is coming here. The air is already cooler and the leaves are falling from the trees. I want to use this winter to heal, to get mentally stronger, to get in shape, to take care of myself. To write out my feelings. To accept things as they are. To change what I can and to show so much more love. To speak slow and quiet. But at the same time to speak outside of my head and not hold things in that hurt me or things that make me happy.

Life is fragile. I’m reading a book called “Wintering. The power to rest and retreat in difficult times.” So, this winter I will be wintering. I will be soaking up every minute. Slowly feeling the season. Feeling every moment. Writing it down so that I can remember it when my mind starts to distort my memories.

To be more grateful. More intuitive. Closer to my power. More alive. To taste my food. See the beauty in the seasons.

To create beautiful things. To learn to cook good food. To make my house a refuge of safety and love. To sit in the silence and listen. To be off line and be present in life. To find the good in every day. To connect deeper. Make deep friendships. To be aware of my surroundings and to help others. I want to slow down and absorb every minute. I want to look ok forward to things instead of dread and fear things.

I want to sit on the porch and watch it snow. I want to share more with my kids. But most of all I want to start living outside of my head and show more love.

What are you looking forward to this winter? The quiet months. Let’s all live in this season and not rush to the next. It will come in it’s own time.



Beautiful Day


Worked on this beautiful quilt. We debated on the blue thread but once it started quilting out it was just beautiful.

The fabrics all are Art Gallery Fabrics. All the colors came together so perfect. One quilt I do not want to give back! The edge to edge design is called Grace.

Another beautiful quilt that came out with such pretty texture. The white thread really popped on this one. The edge to edge design is called Tropical.

I worked on one of my quilts this morning. I still need to get the binding on it but I am so in love with it. The background color is a very soft pink from Kona Cotton.

Now I’m off to get cleaned up for the day. I started at 4am, so I am hoping to get a nap in today!! Fingers crossed!

Thank you for checking out my quilts!




We are so excited to announce that one of our quilts we Longarmed is on the cover of Love Patchwork and Quilting this month! We worked with Wendy from New York at The Weekend quilter. She designed the quilt and the bag that goes with the quilt. When she wanted us to LongArm both quilt and bag we were so happy to help!

You need to pick up a copy this month. You can get it at Barnes and Noble and Joanns or you can Subscribe at their website. The pattern to make the bag and quilt will be in the magazine!

We used Mod 60’s Butterflies as the edge to edge and staggered them. I think it turned out beautiful but then the quilt itself is beautiful so it all came together perfectly!

The publication will be, if not already, released in the UK and the USA. Get your copy and let me know what you think about it!

Have a good Hump Day! I’m off for that second cup of coffee and then heading to the studio. I have two quilts to get done today.

I hope wherever you are you have a great day!


Client quilt


I worked on this client quilt this week. It came all the way from Canada. Our first out of country quilt!

It’s very beautiful in colors of cream and beige on the front and a sweet pattern fabric on the back. The pattern is the Deco quilt pattern from Lo and Behold Stitchery. Definitely a beautiful pattern that I would love to make.

The client picked out Clam Glam Deco edge to edge design by Karlee Porter Designs. This was such an easy edge to edge to work with. They clicked right up in place and I never had any issue when I forwarded the quilt. I am definitely going to be using it on my quilt top that is waiting to be quilted.

We’ve had the best time here with our Airman being home. The time has flown as it always does. I heard a saying the other day in one of my books. The days are long but the years are short. Isn’t that the truth!

I’m going to be starting a quilt this week for a daughter who lost her dad. We are using his Hawaiian style shirts and she’s picked out the Joy Pattern.

This is a free pattern on the AGF website. I had a client use the pattern and I can’t wait to see how it is going to turn out. I love being able to make quilts. I don’t usually have time to work on too many myself so this will be a nice day on Thursday to cut this out and get it pieced!

What are you working on? Any plans for an end of summer trip? I’m hoping that me and Mark can get away to Lake Erie or somewhere where there is water! It would be nice if the borders would open so we could go into Canada.

It’s early morning here where I am so I am off to get another cup of coffee and get to work! Have a great day!



We’ve been working hard and enjoying the summer here at Lavender Fields. I spent a couple days in Florida and had the best time. It was a much needed refresh. Since then we’ve been working away.

I worked on this beautiful Voyage client quilt. The fabrics were gorgeous and I love the pattern. The pattern designer is Suzy We used the edge to edge Marmalade on it. It is definitely one of my favorite designs. It’s not too dense but gives great texture!

This beautiful quilt was sent in for us to work some magic on. Can we say Tula Pink fabric is just gorgeous and so is this pattern. It is a free pattern on her website. We used the edge to edge design Abacus Squared. This design gives you great texture and is such an easy design to stitch out.

This Vintage Lace using Baptist Fans turned out great. We gave the fans a higher top and I love how it turned out. This is a very versatile edge to edge design. The next quilt shows how you can spread them wider to get a totally different look. The edge to edge is from Three Sisters fabric. It’s the best design out there. It clicks right together and stitches out so perfectly.

This quilt top was sent in by Shelly at Coral & Co. She will be releasing this pattern and another one this month that is similar but yet different! You’ll definitely want to check them out!

That’s it for today! We are receiving requests for LongArm quilting! If you say you read it here on your request you get free batting! Our way of saying Thank You!




Some of the quilts I have been working on!

We’ve been a little busy here working on some custom quilts in the background and these from the LongArm.

Also trying to enjoy the summer as much as we can! How have you been? We hope your doing great! I went to Florida for a few days this month and it was great. I got to visit with family I haven’t seen in a long time. I came home burnt, exhausted, and full of love!

Here’s to hoping your day is the best! XO’s


New work!

Hello Friends!

Hope you are doing great. We’ve been preparing for summer. Yes! And working on a lot of beautiful quilts! This purple is the backing of a t-shirt quilt that was sent in. She chose Cake Walk as the edge to edge design. It’s perfect for holding those t-shirts in place!

My friend Janice pieced this quilt. I love the color so much. I think it has a vintage feel to it! We used Keryn’s Chevron on it! This edge to edge is so unique and pretty.

This is a quilt that I pieced for a test pattern! I’m loving the colors and texture on this one so much! I used 60’s Mod Butterflies as the edge to edge and it just really pops! Such a great pattern also.

Client quilt that came in. We used Swirly Gig 1 on it and geez I love it so much! So much texture! If you know me you know green is my favorite color so this one was fun! I added the binding to this one per client request.

This client seen the green quilt with the Swirly Gig 1 and decided she wanted to switch to it too!! It just makes the quilt pop I think!

This quilt sent in is the Voyage Pattern by Suzy Quilts. The soft colors were so good! The client chose Loopy Leaf as the edge to edge. I think it turned out perfect!!

Well we hope you have a great day filled with lots of fun and love!