Lavender Fields Blankets is ran by mother daughter duo Lisa and Catherine. Together they share a passion for creative expression and bringing new ideas to life.

Lisa has over 30 years experience sewing and started making quilts 3 years ago after a traumatic car accident. Quilting helped in her recovery and has become a favorite passion. Lisa is a creature of comfort and believes that we all need the security of a nice blanket. All of her quilts are handmade in her studio where she draws inspiration from nature, loving bold patterns and bright colors. After many years of making quilts locally, Lisa decided she wanted to share her passion on a larger scale. Together with her daughter, Catherine, the name Lavender Fields Blankets was created and a dream came to life. Now with the addition of a long-arm machine, Lisa hopes to help bring the love of quilts into homes everywhere. She is the creative mastermind behind the available quilts and also making sure all long-armed quilts are completed at the highest level of quality.

Catherine was raised to express herself creatively. Over the past year she has been practicing her embroidery techniques and is excited that she can share her creative designs. She gets inspiration anywhere from books all the way to couture fashion design and hopes you will find joy in her work. Catherine loves meeting new people and listening to their stories. She will be your point of contact here at Lavender Fields Blankets and cannot wait to hear from you!