Updates for December!

Hello friends!!! I’ve missed you guys! It’s just so crazy in my life right now. I’ve been working to catch up after my brother’s passing and all my heart tests. So I thought I would update everyone on where we are at.

Heart surgery will be December 2nd. I will be down for at least two weeks so outside of the quilts already here. I will not be working at all in December. This is the first Christmas that neither of my boys will be coming home. That means it’s going to be pretty quiet around here. So rest and healing it will be!

So where does that put us with the two quilt alongs that we are sponsoring? Well if you get it here fast this month we’re pushing everything through as fast as we can, all being around heart tests and heart, let’s just say malfunctions. Which can happen at any time until surgery. We’re doing really good.

All other quilts from the quilt alongs with Suzy quilts and with Pear Tree Designs will be finished in January except the winners of the free Longarm. Those will be done in December!! I so can’t wait to see these quilts!

So hopefully that explains a lot but please! If you have any questions feel totally free to email me! We will be locking down the request form the end of November. All contact can be made through our contact page!

Once again Thank You for being so patient with me as 2021 was a crazy year. I’m looking forward to 2022!

Thank you!


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