Life Happens…

I’m writing to you my friends and those in my life. To be able to look back and see how far I’ve come.

On Sunday night around midnight I got up to go to the bathroom, I fell down before I got there and hit my arm on the door frame. I broke my humerus bone and impacted it. If the bones don’t come out of it in a week I’ll need surgery to fix it. I absolutely do not want another surgery like that as I’ve been through a lot of those in the past already.

I am one who never sits down. Today the pain is more tolerable so now I’m restless, tired, mad, and sad. I’m sitting here watching Mark do the dishes and run the vacuum. Last night he helped me get a bath. The first one I had had since the accident.

I have quilts to do so this afternoon my daughter is going to help me and see if we can get them knocked out. In case I do have to have surgery I won’t be worried about them. I’ve always been good at getting them done and back to my clients.

So that’s my life. The best highlight is my son is home from the Air Force. Not the visit we had planned. We’re going to make cookies tonight. I’m looking forward to that!!

Have fun and be careful

! Happy New Years Eve!!