Grow Quilt

Hello friends!

Are you getting ready for the big meal tomorrow? I’ve got a few more things I need to pick up then it’s go time tomorrow. We’re doing a late dinner here as some coming tomorrow have earlier commitments. I like it at dinner time. I won’t have to rush so much!

I got to work on this beautiful Quilt this week. It is the Grow pattern by Suzy Quilts. I loved working on it. It was adorable. We used the edge to edge design called Fort on it. This one is definitely one of my favorites! Karmia won this quilting in the Sew Along for the Shine quilt. We were one of the sponsors for it. Suzy is getting ready to do another one on her new pattern Gather and we will be a part of that one too! Super excited about that!

I took the day off to clean house and get ready for tomorrow but I think I might sneak up there and cut out a quilt. I haven’t done one of my own in a bit so I’m super wanting too! Now just to pick which one!!

Have a great Thanksgiving and a great weekend!



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