Stella Star 2

Hello friends!

I hope everyone is doing good on this Sunday night. We are currently watching the Space X take off. My brother is so lucky he lives right by the place they lift off from! I can’t even imagine seeing that! I just think it’s amazing that we can put people in space and get them home safely. Pray that all goes well with their trip!

I got to work on this quilt sent to me by a client out in Utah. The quilt pattern is the Stella Star by Jenna Luedecke Designs. We used the edge to edge Autumn Wind. I just think it is beautiful! The fabrics in themselves were gorgeous and I’m going to look into the pattern one she used. I understand it comes in a burnt orange, with orange being my favorite color right now!

And what about this quilting? I think the design just pops off the quilt and just adds to the beauty of the whole thing. She used a beautiful punch of a bright yellow backing. I can’t wait to see what binding she chooses.

She sent me two quilts and I just had so much fun working on them. I will blog about the other one at a later date. Their just too pretty to put them both together! They deserved their own space!

We’re getting excited about the holidays here. I’m trying out some new recipes this week to see if they will work for Thanksgiving dinner. One is sweet potato’s where you add brown sugar but also Sunny Delight. I’m so anxious to try it! It looked Devine! Do you have special things that you always have for your dinner? Also, have you put your tree up yet? I have not. I’m wanting to go with all pink lights so I need to get them ordered yet.

Well I’m off here to watch the launch and to make supper. I hear my belly starting to growl! I hope you have a great week!



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