Client Quilt 115

Hello Friends!

I hope your having a great day! Things are good here. I just busted another toe, but that is like perfectly normal for me. So life goes on. It helps having a high pain tolerance! But enough about me. How are you doing? How is your world? How is your mental health? The corona virus seems to be taking front and center again and now all the schools are trying hard to figure out how to get the kids back to school. I don’t agree with that. If your a parent how do you feel about sending your kids back to school?

I was lucky enough to get to work on this beautiful quilt by Amanda @Quiltcakes! It was so gorgeous and we picked out Crystalline for the edge to edge design. Amanda makes beautiful quilts that are very square. The edge to edge lined up perfectly and never went off the quilt once! She inspires me! It turned out perfect. But the quilt was already perfect so it’s to be expected.

My birthday is this month so I am going to be having a big give away on my Instagram. So make sure you are following me over there! User name is Lavenderfieldsco.

This week we are quilting away on client quilts. I am cutting out a quilt. Something I have not done in a long time. I am ready to get a quilt top done and on the machine. I have some edge to edge designs that I am wanting to try. What is your favorite E2E design? Do you send your quilt tops out to a longarm quilter? I did a few times before I recieved my long arm machine. I just love how they crinkle up after their wash! A good longarm quilter is like putting sprinkles on a beautiful quilt top!

Well I hate to spew and run but………… my afternoon coffee is waiting on me!



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