Florida and work.

Red, White, and Blue with Midnight Sparkle

Hello Everybody!

Its been so nice hearing from a lot of you that you are finding us thru the Longarm League and loving our little website. My daughter and I work hard to keep this site current as much as we can!

This past week I went to Florida to visit my son who is in the Air Force. There’s a possibility, which it is kept secret till last minute, that he could be getting deployed to the Middle East and I just had to see him before that could possible happen!

He is stationed in Florida right now and let me tell you it’s very hot down there. I have never been south in the summer time. A whole new meaning to the word hot! We had a good time hitting the beaches early and leaving by 1pm. You just about could not hardly walk and breath at the same time after that. Or maybe it was just me lol. Needless to say I came home sporting a lot more sun on my skin!

It was nice to get home albeit a long trip back. It amazes me that you can get there by plane in about 4 hours. But travel to our airport is two hours then two hour flight, lay over, two hour flight. Turned into a 12 hour day getting home. Crazy! But faster than driving the whole way so I am thankful for that!

I got to work on this Quilt of Valor this week. I used the midnight sparkle on it as it shows so pretty on the backing. It was a very pretty pieced quilt and i am thankful every time I get to do one of those!

Well that is all I really know! Headed up stairs to work on a Meadowland Quilt sent in! I hope you all have a great day!



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